Labor market Dissatisfaction of organizations with Vuokko Piekkala threatens to prevent him from continuing as a national mediator

Piekkala has not yet decided whether to apply for the new term: “I weigh the good and the less good aspects of the job.”

The social partners dissatisfaction with the national mediator Vuokko to Piekkala threatened as an obstacle to his next season. According to STT’s information, at least one key organization intends to announce that Piekkala will not enjoy its trust if it appears that a further term is coming.

Piekkala’s season is coming to an end. The position is always selected for four years at a time, and the application period for the following term ends on May 25th.

Piekkala has not yet decided whether he will apply for an extension.

“It’s still 25.5. until. Until then, I weigh the pros and cons of the job. The work is interesting, important and responsible, but also hard, ”Piekkala informs STT by e-mail.

The national mediator is appointed by the Government on the proposal of the Minister of Labor, but the labor market organizations have been consulted in the appointment. It has been the custom for the national mediator to come alternately from the wage earners and from the employers.

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According to BTI, the organizations have agreed that a candidate who is now eligible for all parties will be sought primarily from the employer camp.

Piekkala says that he has not had any further discussions with the Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen (sd) or with central organizations.

Piekkala has received exceptionally strong criticism during his term. In the winter of 2020, the wage earner was even hesitated to change his mediator in the middle of the season. Piekkala was not considered to have sufficient authority to resolve disputes, and there were doubts about his fairness.

Piekkala’s operations have also been criticized during this spring’s round of negotiations. Minister of Labor Haatainen is said to know the situation.

Piekkala was elected national mediator in June 2018, when the previous mediator Minna Helle was elected mid-term labor market leader for the Technology Industry.

Church Piekkala, who was the director of the Finnish Labor Market Board, was a candidate for the position of the labor market organizations. The co-operation representative of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy was also in the final stages Harri Hietalawith the support of several labor market actors.

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Hietala’s supporters demanded the selection of the most qualified candidate and criticized the tradition in which a candidate agreed between the central organizations has been elected.

The then Minister of Labor Jari Lindström (sin) advocated a procedure in which the social partners can nominate their candidates for the post.

“However, when it comes to a mediator who needs to enjoy the trust of both parties, I think this is quite a relevant way,” he explained.

The role of the national mediator is to mediate labor disputes and promote relations between employers and employees. The mediator helps the social partners to find a solution to labor disputes that threaten peace at work.

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