Kindergartens Helsinki unexpectedly decided to continue the city’s oldest group family daycare center in Kamppi

The Board of Education and Training decided to continue the activities of the Group Family Kindergarten Peukaloinen in a strict vote at its meeting on Tuesday.

Helsinki unexpectedly decided to continue the operations of the group family daycare center Peukaloinen in Kamppi. On Tuesday, the Education and Training Board approved the continuation of Peukaloinen’s operations in Lastenkodinkuja’s premises.

The vote was rigorous: the continuation of the operation was approved by a vote of 7 to 6.

Thumbs up is Helsinki’s oldest group family daycare center, and it is designed for up to 12 children. It has been operating in a building located in Ruoholahti villas for 30 years.

City has considered the continuation of the unit’s operations from November. The question of continuation is related to what started in 2019 jupakkaan, which started from a private kindergarten in Ankkalampi, which operated in an industrial warehouse without a building permit. After the investigations, it was found that the building permits were not in order in dozens of the city’s own kindergartens and group kindergartens either.

Last fall, it was reported that most of the permits have now been serviced and the required repairs made. A few places have been closed.

The situation of the thumb was the last of these to be open. For the building permit, the building should be repaired, such as building an exit from the second floor and mechanical ventilation. The closure was supported by the city’s calculations that the repairs would increase the rent per child from the current € 2,900 to around € 5,100 per year. The rent would rise for 10 years.

However, the Board of Education and Training decided on Tuesday that negotiations on the implementation of the necessary renovations must be held with the housing association as a matter of urgency.

In November, the children of the thumb were temporarily transferred to a kindergarten in Jätkäsaari, designed for 150 children.

Clarification 20.1.2021 at 21.33: Added information that the repairs would increase the rent for 10 years.


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