Junnila’s divorce | It only took a few hours from Junnila’s defense speech to her resignation

Vilhelm Junnila (ps) announced that he would resign from his position as a minister on Friday shortly before one o’clock. As late as Friday morning, he defended his actions on Facebook.

Minister of Economic Affairs Vilhelm Junnilan (ps) resignation announcement came on Friday just over three hours after he himself had defended his actions on Facebook.

At 9:27 on Friday morning, Junnila posted on her Facebook page the updatein which he took a stand on, among other things, alleged far-right connections.

At 12:47 a.m. the “worker” of basic Finns Matti Putkonen sent a press release on Junnila’s behalf, in which Junnila said she was resigning from the position of Minister of Economic Affairs.

“Despite the trust of the party and my parliamentary group, I see the matter as follows: based on the continuation of the government and the reputation of Finland, I see that it is impossible for me to continue as a minister in a satisfactory way,” Junnila said in the press release.

So far, it is not known what made Junnila’s head turn during these few hours. HS has not reached Junnila to comment on the events.

Basic Finns chairman Riikka Purra wrote on Twitter that Junnila put Finland’s interest before everything else.

“Under the pressure of the accusations, Junnila had enough strength to see the big picture and put Finland’s interest before everything else. Thanks to Vilhelm. He showed that he is a head taller than many of the parties who have criticized him now.”

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Prime minister Petteri Orpo (kok) on the other hand said, that Junnila made her own decision. Orpo said that he does not know what kind of discussions have taken place among basic Finns on the matter.

Orpo also said that he was satisfied with Junnila’s decision to resign.

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Junnilan the reason behind the separation is the criticism directed at him for, among other things, extreme right-wing references and connections.

On Wednesday, Junnila survived the no-confidence vote in the parliament quite well. The no-confidence vote was taken because Junnila had appeared at far-right events and hinted at white supremacy in her election ads and social media communications and to Adolf Hitler with referring symbols.

After that, more information about his activities became public, and the government partner Christian Democrats were also shocked.

Late on Thursday evening, Junnila’s written question about “climate abortion” submitted to the parliament in 2019 came to the fore, when a member of parliament from the Christian Democrats Päivi Räsänen (d) tweeted about it. In the question, Junnila suggested, among other things, that population growth in Africa and the climate damage it causes should be curbed by promoting so-called “climate abortions”.

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Friday morning In her Facebook update, Junnila defended her written question, among other things.

Junnila said that her written question refers to the right and possibility of abortion for African women.

“The initiative is fully in line with the government’s 2023 program: With population growth faster than economic growth, combating poverty and strengthening well-being in a sustainable manner is extremely difficult. The priorities of the government’s development policy are strengthening the status of women and girls, the right to self-determination, and sexual and reproductive health, which is also central to curbing population growth, as well as education and climate measures,” Junnila writes on Facebook.

In addition On Facebook, Junnila also took a stand on the extreme right-wing connections associated with her. He stated that he had given a speech at the memorial service for the victims of the terrorist attack in Turku, but that he had spoken there against extremist movements and not for them.

Junnila said that her bad “some and other behavior” of the past is in no way acceptable.

“On the other hand, you can ask whether things should be evaluated at all as if they happened in the present moment and situation – and often in a completely different context and distribution channel. And of course I’ve been joking over the years. That’s what people do.”

According to Junnila, she has no relationship or connection with “extremists”. The proportions of the discussion about him have become absurd.

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“I hope that my message would be heard: I especially condemn all anti-Semitism and of course I commit myself to all the obligations imposed by government work.”

Last In the past few days, questions have also been raised about the tie Junnila wore in the vote of confidence on Wednesday, which had pictures of raccoons.

“It’s not a hidden message. I wanted to go to the hardest place in my life wearing the tie I got from my spouse,” Junnila wrote in her update.

In her writing, Junnila criticized “seeing hidden meanings everywhere”.

“Just a week before, I was known as a matter-of-fact, moderate and cooperative politician. In recent days, this has not really been conveyed to the home sofas in the public.”

Before after her resignation, criticism of Junnila also intensified from within the governing parties.

Chairman of the Christian Democrats Sari Essayah demanded Junnilaa to resign from his written question about “climate abortions”. Essayah described the text as “shocking” and “ecofascism of the worst kind”. He also completely disagreed that the question would be in line with the current government program.

Also the president Sauli Niinistö said In an interview with MTV early Friday morning that the situation is “at least very embarrassing” for the government. Information about Junnila’s connections to the extreme right has also spread in foreign media.

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