Junkkari | The change of power of the basic Finns is exceptional, but for completely different reasons than in 2017

It is rumored that the anti-vaccine Ossi Tiihonen would be bringing his supporters by bus load to the Basic Finns’ party meeting to challenge Riikka Purra. There are, of course, reasons for the rumors.

Candidate for President Ossi Tiihonen. Well, now his name is mentioned in the mainstream media.

Tiihonen, 54, is an entrepreneur and a first-time Finnish principal from Lohja. He will run for chairman of his party at a party meeting in Seinäjoki in mid-August.

This week, Tiihonen complained about the Conservative The right media online magazine in an interviewthat the mainstream media has systematically “concealed” his candidacy for president. He has reportedly not been interviewed or introduced. Neither positive nor negative. Nothing.

Tiihonen is surprised by the silence of the media, as he was the first to register for the presidency on 28 February. Still, in the mainstream media stuff, he hasn’t even been told he was a candidate.

Early registration for a race may be a sign of enthusiasm – but you can see it differently. For example, one of the influential Finns in the background discussion thought that the reason for Tiihonen’s early registration might be that he might otherwise have been expelled from the party. Tiihonen is moving in the depths of the cloudy coroner vaccine and electoral fraud alliances today.

The presidential candidate cannot really be separated from the party.

But yes, Tiihonen has been mentioned in the mainstream media before this writing. In mid-July, Yle published what it had done for basic Finnish influencers survey, asking who they support for the next presidency. About 90 MPs, members of the party board and council, and district leaders responded to the survey.

Congressman Riikka Purra was quite overwhelming in the survey. As many as 65 percent of the respondents hoped to bite into the party leadership.

The presidential candidate cannot really be separated from the party.

Kakkonen was a Member of Parliament Sakari Park, supported by 14% of respondents. A number of other basic Finnish MPs received one or two percent support.

It was specifically mentioned in the story that Ossi Tiihonen did not receive “any support” from the registered candidates.

A survey of the party elite does not necessarily tell the whole picture of the situation in the presidency. The reason is that, unlike other parties, all party members can participate in the Basic Finnish Party Conference. And everyone who comes will be able to vote for the president.

Thus, it is more difficult to predict the outcome than in a party conference of many other parties, where the voting power is exercised by pre-appointed party convention representatives.

Unpredictability was well seen at the 2017 Basic Conference of Basic Finns, where Jussi Halla-aho was elected the new chairman of the party. The choice of Halla-aho was not in itself a big surprise – but its superiority was.

Resigning chairman Timo Soini tried to drive his successor Sampo Terhoa, but Halla-aho already received more than half of the votes in the first round of voting.

Prior to the meeting, Halla-aho supporters had been systematically mechanized on social media. After the election of Halla-aho, the party assembly also voted for the candidates for halla-kura for all three vice-chair positions. The old power was thus completely ousted from the party leadership.

This summer, there have been rumors on the Internet that Tiihonen is machining his supporters to the meeting place by busload. On social media, Tiihosta has been puffed up eagerly. A docent considered Putin-minded Johan Backman reviews on Twitter Tiihonen to be a “pre-favorite of the presidency”.

Tiihonen has published a list of other presidential candidates on the “Tiihonen line” on its website. They are the Teuva municipal councilor Eliisa Panttila, who is seeking a second vice-president. As well as seeking a third vice president Ville-Veikko Elomaa.

Could the events of 2017 be repeated in mid-August at the Seinäjoki party convention?

No, the Basic Finns I am talking about correspond. According to them, the vaccine resistance represented by Tiihonen is in the margins of basic Finns.

Thus, basic Finns are not becoming the political wing of the American Qanon conspiracy theory.

Basic Finns In any case, the Seinäjoki party meeting is becoming exceptional. However, it is not necessarily due to Ossi Tiihonen but to harmony.

Usually, when the chairman of a party changes, it changes the line of the party, at least to some extent. This time, both Riikka Purra and Sakari Puisto have reiterated that the party, under their leadership, would continue on its path marked by Jussi Halla-aho.

This is exceptional, as usually presidential candidates always try to profile themselves by promising change. But on the other hand, the emphasis on continuity is understandable, as Jussi Halla-aho’s popularity in the party is solid. Besides, Purra and Puisto have both previously worked in the Basic Finnish Party Office as political planners, so they have been influencing the party’s current policies.

The change of power of the basic Finns thus seems to be smooth without much drama. Still, Tiihonen may cause a fuss at the meeting.

In recent weeks, trolls appearing on Twitter under a pseudonym have rushed Riikka Purra to support NATO membership, forced Swedish and vaccine passports, among other things. Even though that bite itself dispute to support any of these.

Purra has not reacted to the criticism of Ossi Tiihonen. An exception was seen earlier this week when Tiihonen accused Purra of disseminating false information regarding party conference registrations. Purra replied.

“Good Ossi Tiihonen,” Purra began cool politely. Purra wished Tiihonen a cheerful and fair race, “where the focus is on one’s own line and not on slandering and slandering others.”

In the Tiihos interview of Oikea Media, “wild estimates heard from the field” were told. If Tiiho is not elected to lead the party, then according to these “wild estimates” the basic Finns will move Ano Turtiainen Power belongs to the People’s Party.

Member of Parliament Ano Turtiainen was expelled from basic Finns at the end of February. A couple of days later, Ossi Tiihonen registered as a candidate for the presidency of basic Finns.

Riikka Purra the election to lead the basic Finns would be a historic event, as she would be the first female chairman of the party.

At the same time, gazes would inevitably turn to the Coalition. The Coalition Party would then be the only parliamentary party that has never had a female speaker. (The Movement has not existed either, but it has only been a party for a couple of years, a coalition of more than a century.)

The Coalition Party also differs from other parties in that, along with Liike Nyt, it is the only parliamentary party whose rules do not define any gender quotas for leadership positions.

Made by Demo Finland statement According to him, in seven of the nine parliamentary parties, the rules define binding numerical goals for equality.

The rules of the Coalition Party state that equal gender distribution should be taken into account in the selection of persons for the party leadership, but this is only a wish. There are no binding provisions or percentages in its rules.

In the basic Finnish rules, the gender quota applies to the party’s three vice-chairmen, at least one of whom must be a woman and one a man.

However, the rules are to be reformed at the Seinäjoki party conference. According to the draft to be submitted to the meeting, the gender quota for vice-chairs would be removed from the rules.

In this way, the Basic Finns would come along the same lines as the Coalition in matters of equality. But possibly under the leadership of a female president.



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