Juniper spike | The battle of years has been resolved: an ancient warehouse can be renovated into apartments in Helsinki

According to the original schedule, apartments were to be completed in the building before this decade.

Helsinki The old brick house in Katajanokka, Vyökatu 3, can be renovated into apartments, the city proposes. The City Environment Committee will discuss the decision proposal on Tuesday, September 26.

The brick building was completed in 1880 and served as a prison until 2002, when prison operations were discontinued. Its designer is unknown.

Later, the house was left empty to decay. In the years 2009–2015, however, it was used by Katajanokka maintenance.

In 2007, a group of youth occupied the building for a while because they wanted to establish an autonomous social center for young people. However, the police cleared the house less than two weeks after the occupation began.

Everyone’s after years, the building has reached such a condition that it is not healthy to go inside. Harmful substances have been absorbed into its bottom base and the midsole may collapse.

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The building is protected by the site plan because it has been defined as a nationally significant environment. Therefore, its demolition has been prohibited.

The building has one floor and an attic. According to the site plan, the building site is a park.

Asunto Oy Linnanpuisto bought the house from the city in 2016. The purchase price was 701,000 euros.

In the resolution proposal the building would be converted to residential use so that the apartments would have two floors. The facade and basic shape of the building should be preserved.

A waste and bike shelter would also be built next to the building. The park’s existing vegetation, trees and their root systems should not be damaged. According to the proposal, there should be no parking spaces in the yard.

Although it has been years since the shops, construction work has not been started before. The site has previously been granted a deviation decision in 2012 and 2015 and a building permit in 2017, but they have expired.

According to the original schedule, apartments were to be completed in the building before this decade.

Site designer Eveliina Sarapää told earlier to HS that the delay has been caused by the fact that the parties have changed and the processes with the city have been long.

At the same time, he said that family apartments are planned for the building, the largest of which is almost 92 square meters. So the end result is a kind of terraced house.

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