Judo | The Judo Federation will continue without an executive director and decentralize leadership roles

The Federal Assembly did not consider the proposal to re-establish the position of the abolished Executive Director

Finland The Judo Federation will continue to operate without an executive director.

The spring meeting of the association did not take into account the proposal made by the Lahti Judoseura on Saturday that earlier the position of executive director, which was abolished in the spring re-established.

The federal meeting, chaired by an outside lawyer, finally voted on whether to consider the Lahti people’s proposal. A majority of about two-thirds decided that the motion would not be considered.

“After all, the end result would probably have been the same if the matter had been taken into consideration. The voices told it. There was little discussion about the issue and a lot about it, ”the vice-president of the Lahti Judoseura Sanna Pyykönen said to HS.

However, Pyykönen said that he was pleased that the club’s performance was quoted at least as much as the vote.

“Justice happened. I am pleased that we got the matter heard and visible, that it passed. Many clubs would probably not have even noticed the decisions of the union government until they are implemented. ”

Alliance chairman Esa Niemi noted that the board of the union was given a mandate at the meeting to continue its reform work.

According to Niemi, the duties of the executive director have been divided among the other staff and the presidency of the association.

“For myself, for example, there were meeting arrangements, acting as the leader of the union, such a rather bureaucratic department,” Niemi said.

Pyykönen expressed concern about the model that the Judo Federation might show to other sports federations.

“Will the governments of the unions start to stop the duties of unpleasant officials and state that when the Judo Federation was able to do the same, so can we,” Pyykönen pointed out.

In the Judo Federation Executive Director since 1997 Pekka Lehdes was fired in March. The reasons for the dismissal were economic, production and restructuring reasons.

The decision of the union board was not unanimous. The proposal brought to the meeting by the Bureau was supported by six Board members and opposed by four.

The disagreement was caused by the reasons for the termination of the CEO’s position and the need for dismissal.

Lahti The Judose Society believes that the abolition of the post of Executive Director is a worrying development.

“At the moment, however, the Judicial Union needs a person who is employed and thus obliged to lead the activities of the union. Without a hired executive director, there is an obvious threat that the coaching organization that has just been restored and the positive development of the top group will be confused as the support functions become more difficult, ”the club justified its presentation in March.

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