Judo | Judgment Horror Consequences: Taiwanese Boy Thrown 27 Times, Died Of Brain Injury

A 67-year-old judge may face a life sentence.

Seven years old the boy died of his injuries in Taiwan during judo, Taiwan News write.

The boy suffered a brain injury during judo when his coach ordered him to be thrown into the mat 20 times by throwing an upper arm. After that, the coach threw the boy himself on the mat seven times.

The boy fainted and became pale and lifeless. He was rushed to hospital for surgery. The boy was alive after surgery but brain dead. He lay in a coma for 69 days before dying Tuesday.

Doctors according to the boy’s injuries had been like a car crash. He suffered from cerebral hemorrhage, among other things.

The boy was kept alive artificially, but as his heart rate and blood pressure continued to fall, the parents finally gave permission to remove the boy from the machines.

The 67-year-old coach who led the judo lesson was charged with causing a fatal injury. He can even be sentenced to life imprisonment.



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