Judgments | The man raped the woman in the bathroom of the apartment at the end of the dinner party

The Helsinki Court of Appeal took the same position as the district court in the rape sentence.

Social in a private apartment ended dramatically when the man raped the woman in the toilet at the end of the dinner invitation.

The Helsinki Court of Appeal upheld the district court’s judgment and ordered Cornelius Okperen for rape to a prison sentence of two years and five months.

Proceedings started when the woman had met a man in Prisma who had asked her to visit him.

There were a total of six people in the apartment, and there the woman also met Okpere.

At first, the men cooked food for their guests and played music. During the evening, the group drank alcohol and took photos on the couch, which Okpere sent to his mother in Africa.

Okpere tried to kiss the woman, hoping she could be his girlfriend. The woman stated that she only wanted to be friends.

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Evening as we continued, part of the group went to the bathroom to smoke, where Okpere later stayed with the woman. He then violently raped her despite her resistance.

Immediately after the act, the other two members of the party called the emergency center, as a result of which the police came to the apartment, took the people involved for medical examinations and delivered Okpere to the police prison.

Okpere denied that he was guilty of rape. He said that he had not forced the woman into sexual intercourse and had not used violence.

District court considered that Okpere raped the woman using violence and that it was not consensual intercourse.

The court judged the woman’s story as a whole and found Okpere’s story more reliable in all the details.

The prosecution is supported by the testimony of a witness who was in the apartment and a doctor’s report, which shows that the woman was examined as a victim of a sexual crime.

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In addition, the forensic laboratory’s statement shows that a small amount of male DNA, which corresponds to Okpere’s chromosome type, could be shown in the vaginal swab sample.

In the judgment, the Court of Appeal took the same position as the district court.

The judgment is not yet final. It can be appealed if the Supreme Court grants leave to appeal.

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