Judgments Terrible odor reveals exceptionally serious animal welfare offense, 15-year ban on animals in their twenties

The woman and her partner kept dozens of animals in unclean apartments, some of which hungered each other. The woman’s mother also received the verdict.

Kymenlaakson on Wednesday, a district court sentenced a woman in her twenties to parole and a 15-year ban on keeping animals for a felony animal welfare offense.

According to the prosecutor, the woman and another defendant, who is due to be tried in November, kept a large number of animals in their shared apartments in several localities.

The apartments were inspected several times, usually due to odor nuisances. Veterinarians heard as witnesses described the smell as terrible and the conditions in the apartments as shocking.

“The apartment had 13 dogs, three cats and Small Animals. The dogs were really skinny and thirsty and there was urine on the floor – behind one closed “storage door” were found 16 cages with rodents. The rabbit there was shockingly thin and hungry. As a rule, the animals had no food or water and had eaten each other’s carcasses and the two animals had recently died, ”said one of the veterinarians about the situation in an apartment in Kontula, Helsinki.

District Court according to the couple did not comply with the regulations they received for the care of the animals and tried to avoid inspections by moving from one apartment to another.

The court held that the animal welfare offense was exceptionally aggravated. According to the court, it remained unclear why the animals were allowed to suffer in this way.

The accused woman told the court about her love of animals, but also about the mental health and relationship problems that she said had affected coping with the animals.

“What was striking in the witness accounts was that (the accused) had a lot of information about the different animals and their feeding and care, etc. but he either didn’t care, wanted or managed to take care of the animals well and properly,” the court said.

A woman the mother was sentenced to a 60-day conditional and five-year ban on keeping animals for a basic animal welfare offense.

At one point, some of the animals were moved to Kouvola’s mother’s apartment. The veterinarian who inspected the apartment said there were, among other things, 20 dogs, four cats and rats inside.

The animals had serious deficiencies in access to water and food, in addition to which they had diseases and ailments.

“Urine-soaked papers had been crammed into the garbage bags. There was urine and feces on the floor. The dogs were stressed, hungry and not getting enough exercise. One dog litter was found hidden in the closet and one of these puppies was too small and the mother very skinny, ”the doctor listed.

To the court, the mother admitted that the situation had “gotten out of hand” in terms of the number of animals and she did not have time to take care of them while working.

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