Judgments | Road rage in Helsinki’s Kampi turned into violence: A man hit a drunk driver

Road rage in the center of Helsinki quickly turned into violence when a passed motorist hit a wedge driver.

Helsinki there was real road rage at the traffic lights in the city center in November 2017. A 65-year-old man who was driving a car first wedged himself in front of another motorist and became violent after he pushed him.

The wedged-in driver was convicted of assault in the Helsinki district court. The Helsinki Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. The decision is not legally binding.

Incident happened at the traffic lights on Annankatu, Kamppi, Helsinki.

When the light had changed to yellow, the convict had accelerated past another motorist, who was driving from Annankatu to Uudenmaankatu, and wedged in front of this car, which is why the concerned owner had been arrested.

According to the wedged car driver and the witness who was riding with him, an angry man had gotten out of the car, had arrived at the car, opened the door, and hit him three times in the head area.

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The occupants of the car had written down the registration number of the man’s car.

Doomed denied having assaulted the person concerned. He denied even being in traffic in the center of Helsinki by car.

He claimed that the car was in Lahti, and that he himself came to Helsinki by train. However, the convict’s narrative did not remain coherent. The court considered this to undermine the credibility of the man’s story.

In addition, the man said that he could not drive a car because of his back and knee pains. In the case, however, according to the court, it was shown that the man had been able to drive the vehicle later in November and to sit in the vehicle.

The Court of Appeal considered that the man had been the driver of the car at the time of the incident, the registration number of which had been written down by the owner and the witness.

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The man was sentenced to a 50-day fine, for which he had to pay a total of 800 euros.

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