Judgments | Drugs were made in rented cabins – The owner of the cabin found a “special sugar cake”

A man living in Spain ran a large amphetamine business from abroad. The purpose was to manufacture and sell more than 20 kilos of amphetamine.

In the year A man born in 1992 was sentenced to 11 years in prison for two serious drug crimes. The man ran a large drug business from Spain.

The man had moved to Spain in 2018. He had not found a job in Spain and was unable to pay the rent. The man had arranged for amphetamine to be sold to Finland at the end of 2020 through his assistant who lives in Helsinki.

At the turn of 2020–2021, the duo started preparing for a wider drug business.

January At the end of 2021, the police confiscated more than 12 kilograms of powdered amphetamine, as well as the amphetamine base and other substances needed to make amphetamine, from a rented cabin in Korppoo.

The assistant was also arrested on the spot. The police had been following his actions for a longer time.

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The two had acquired amphetamine base and the substances needed to precipitate it. The purpose of the duo was to manufacture and distribute approximately 24 kilograms of amphetamine. Its street market value was described in court as considerable.

For precipitation, a Lithuanian amphetamine precipitater was organized in Finland, to whom an apartment and a cabin were rented for the manufacturing process.

One of the persons involved in the criminal network brought two buckets of magnesium sulfate needed for the precipitation of amphetamine with him by ship from Tallinn.

Man admitted to having participated in the sale of one kilogram of drugs, but denied the other charges. The man and the assistant did not admit their connection, but telemonitoring data and messages said otherwise.

Among other things, the owner of the rental cabin was heard in court. The helper rented a cottage for Christmas and accommodated a Lithuanian man there. The owner told about the strange behavior of the Lithuanian guest.

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According to the owner, the tenants left the cottage in exceptionally clean condition, even the trash bags had been taken away. The tenants left a “special sponge cake” in the cottage.

Helsinki the district court considered that the processing of amphetamine base shows greater planning than the acquisition of ready-to-use amphetamine.

Led the operation from Spain Kimmo Petri Stenberg received an 11-year prison sentence for two felony drug offenses. The verdict is final.

Born in 1995, worked as her husband’s assistant Ville Henrik Kalevi Paajanen was sentenced to eight years in prison for two serious drug crimes. He was also ordered to forfeit his car to the state.

The Helsinki Court of Appeal reduced the sentence to seven years.

Born in 1997 Tatu Mikanpoika Estonian received a two and a half year prison sentence for aggravated drug crime, drug crime and firearms crime.

He had sold more than a kilo of amphetamine he had received from Stenberg, ordered LSD tablets by mail from Holland and had cartridges in his possession.

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The Court of Appeal reduced the sentence to a two-year suspended prison sentence.

Lithuanian amphetamine dealer born in 1992 Rokas Helmas received a six-year prison sentence for a felony drug offense.

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