Judgments Cocaine theft attempt leads to years in prison – The value of drugs in the street trade would have been € 25 million

The drug cargo was hidden in a container that arrived from the Netherlands to the port of Vuosaari.

Court of Appeal reduced the prison sentences of two people involved in the cocaine crime in Espoo.

The Court of Appeal ended up upholding a previous district court judgment, as both have been involved in the planning of drug seizures and have acted as drivers.

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Two of the men who had been drivers had appealed to the Court of Appeal against the aggravated drug convictions they had received.

One of the men had also been involved in monitoring a container containing cocaine.

Gentlemen had traveled to Finland at the urging of an unknown person to perform a gig. The party had promised about 3,000 euros in fees as fees.

The Court of Appeal reduced the one born in 1998 Malthe Imran Milton Andersen sentenced to one and a half years in prison, shortening the sentence to six years.

Also born in 1992 Mikkel Kaempe Albaekin the sentence was reduced by the same amount and is now six and a half years.

The other two convicts did not appeal their sentences. Born in 1993 Adnan Mekkin the district court sentenced him to ten years in prison, which is the longest possible. The man had invited the other men to Finland and served as the leader of the group.

The case, which was born in 2000, was also convicted at the district court stage Mohammed Majdalawi, who received a total of 9 years and three months in prison.

In December In 2019, four men broke into the yard of Algol Chemicals in Karamalmi, Espoo, under security fences with the intention of stealing a 176-kilo consignment of cocaine hidden in a container.

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The men encountered the driver unloading the container at the loading dock, threatened him with a ball gun, and struck the man with a gun to his head. Inside the container, the men encountered another employee who they threatened with a gun in hand.

However, cocaine seizure was not successful. The men fled the scene and tried to leave the country. The getaway was interrupted by police arrest in the South Harbor of Helsinki.

The Helsinki District Court found four men living in Denmark and Sweden guilty of serious drug offenses, assault and illegal threats in the case. The fifth man was acquitted by the district court.



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