Judgments | 17-year-olds molested teenage girls in Töölönlahti – Tried to force them to undress in the reeds

17-year-old boys molested teenage girls in the center of Helsinki for several hours.

Helsinki the district court sentenced two boys born in 1999 for forcing them to commit a sexual act as a young person.

The crimes took place in June 2016.

The 16- and 17-year-old victims had arrived in Helsinki from another location and met the perpetrators at Kiasma’s. One of the girls already knew one of the boys.

The girls had no money and no place to stay, and they decided to spend the night in Töölönlahti. They were afraid of having to deal with child protection and being caught by the police.

When the girls tried to sleep near the gymnastic stands, the boys had hugged, kissed, touched and skinned them, according to the girls. The events continued for several hours.

The younger of the boys forced the 16-year-old to satisfy the boy with his hands. The victim had asked the boy to stop.

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The older of the boys took his penis out of his pants and started “tickling” the 17-year-old’s leg with it, according to the victim. The boy had also tried to push his penis inside the leg of the victim’s shorts.

The boys also tried to forcibly drag the girls with them into the reeds. They also tried to strip them of their clothes.

The victims were able to leave at five in the morning.

Second of the victims said that when they had told the field police and the crime victim emergency service after the act, they had been told that it was a “word for word” situation and that the criminal process would not be successful.

The victims filed a criminal complaint in 2018.

The men denied the charge. According to them, the victims were not afraid, and there were no sexual acts between them.

One of the boys said that he heard that young girls come up with a lot of stuff like this.

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District court according to the victims’ accounts were consistent and detailed.

Both boys received a three-month suspended prison sentence. The younger of the boys was ordered to pay 5,500 euros in compensation to the other victim. The older of the boys was ordered to pay 4,500 euros in compensation to one of the victims.

The boys appealed the verdict to the Court of Appeal. The Helsinki Court of Appeal did not change the judgment of the district court, which is therefore legally binding.

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