José Juan Macías admits why he decided not to go to the Tokyo Olympics

Yesterday the young Mexican striker, Jose Juan Macías, was officially presented as the new Getafe striker in Spanish football, thus fulfilling the dream of going to play football in Europe in a team where he must first earn a place and then seek to open a space and make a name in the football of Europe.

His transfer to soccer in Europe did not leave the controversy behind, since, for many fans of Mexican soccer, This was the main reason why the forward did not go to the Tokyo Olympics and not because of the muscle injury for which they said was the real reason for his absence.

It was the same former Chivas striker who in conversation with TUDN, stated that he did not feel physically well to be able to go to the Olympics and made the decision, along with Jaime Lozano, that the best thing was that he did not go to the competition:

“He did not arrive at the Olympics with the rhythm of the game, he was not going to arrive with that rhythm that other teammates do, like (Eduardo) Aguirre who is coming from playing a final. So you also don’t have to cling to things, to Sometimes the best thing is to cut, to let go, to start again and part of what the Selection technician considered the human part, the physical part. “

Jose Juan Macías

On whether he prioritized his signing for Getafe to the Olympic Games, Macías only omitted that part, Again mentioning that it would not be good to compete and preferred to leave his place to another player who is 100%:

“And well, I was not going to be ready, I will always defend and be available when the National Team calls me, but this time I was not going to be able to be one hundred percent and we have to be honest because there are teammates who are also waiting an opportunity and they can also do it very well “

Jose Juan Macías


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