Joensuu | A strange outbreak led to the shopping center being evacuated – 43 people got respiratory symptoms

The shopping center was emptied on Thursday in Joensuu due to a bitter smell.

Commercial center Iso Myy in the center of Joensuu was emptied of people on Thursday morning.

The rescue service was alerted to a hazardous substance accident at 10:14 a.m. According to the rescue service, the shopping center’s fire alarm did not sound the alarm.

HS reporter in Joensuu Eelis Tsokkinen says that he noticed that there were a large number of fire trucks around the shopping center.

The policeman who was there told Tsokkinen that a bitter smell had been smelled in the shopping center around 11 o’clock. At the time, it was not clear where the smell was coming from.

However, according to Tsokkinen, people living next to the shopping center have not been evacuated from their homes.

Emergency services hadn’t yet found out the source of the cart by two o’clock in the afternoon. The shopping center was reopened at 12:30 p.m. .

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According to the rescue service, the first aid treated a total of 43 people exposed to the cart who had respiratory symptoms. Those exposed did not need hospital treatment.

There was also a police officer at the scene on Joensuu’s market street.

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