Jerusalem | Far-right flag march escalated into unrest, Israeli police fired rubber bullets at Palestinians

Tuesday’s unrest in East Jerusalem was the first ordeal of Israel’s recent government.

15.6. 19:50 | Updated 15.6. 21:48

Jerusalem a procession of the Jewish far right was held in the old town on Tuesday. The so-called flag march celebrated Jerusalem Day.

Jewish nationalists see the celebration as a “unification of Jerusalem”. They remember when Israel occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War.

From the point of view of international law, Jerusalem still does not belong entirely to Israel, but East Jerusalem is counted as an Israeli-occupied territory.

Originally, the far-right march was scheduled to take place as early as early May, but was canceled. On Monday, Israel’s new government gave Jewish nationalists permission to hold its party.

“The right to demonstrate is a right that belongs to all democracies,” said Israel’s new interior security minister. Omer Bar-Lev according to the news agency AFP.

“The police are ready, and we will do everything we can to maintain the fragile balance of coexistence.”

Jewish nationalists the march has been seen as the first ordeal of the recent Israeli government. Israel received on Sunday the new prime minister Naphtali Bennettin, when miscellaneous set formed a coalition ousted the former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The march of Jewish nationalists has been feared to trigger violence in East Jerusalem, where there has been exceptional unrest in recent months.

The war between Israel and the ruling Hamas organization in Gaza reached its worst in seven years after Israeli security forces invaded Muslims to the al-Aqsa Mosque In the Old City of Jerusalem in mid-April.

Palestine prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh condemned the forthcoming march of Jewish nationalists on Monday. On his Twitter account, the prime minister warned that the march could have “dangerous consequences”.

Hamas, for its part, has called on Muslims to “rage day” to defend Jerusalem, AFP said.

East Jerusalem was restless on Tuesday even before the march began. At least six Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces in the area, and dozens were forcibly removed from the gate of Damascus leading to the Old City. Nearly 20 Palestinians were injured when Israeli police cleared the streets.

Tuesday during which the Palestinians also marched on the streets of Jerusalem as they opposed the march of Jewish nationalists. Israeli police fired Palestinians with rubber bullets, news reports reported British newspaper The Guardian.

The newspaper also reported that, according to an unconfirmed observation, an Israeli sniper shot a man in the leg during a Palestinian protest on the Gaza border.

The unrest caused by the march did not escalate into missile strikes. Palestinian militants still sent helium bullets to Israel with lighters attached. They ignited several fires in the area.



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