James clarifies his sentimental situation: is he single or engaged?


James and Karol G.

Followers of both celebrities have noticed details that point to a possible sentimental relationship.



Followers of both celebrities have noticed details that point to a possible romantic relationship.

The footballer touched on personal issues in a chat with fans.

James Rodríguez spoke this Sunday from Qatarthrough Twitch, with his followers around the world.

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In addition to answering controversial issues, such as the version of his alleged fight with Falcao, which he denied, James was also consulted about his current sentimental situation.

And Karol G?

It has been said about James in press versions that he would have a relationship with the Colombian artist Karol G. This version arose due to different publications on networks that generated rumors, such as when the player painted his hair the same color as the singer.

In recent weeks, a new photograph was revealed where James and Karol G were seen together with several friends, which generated new rumors.

The photo would have been taken the same day that the singer and the footballer shared a ‘post’ together on their Instagram accounts last year.

Well, to cut the rumors, James was forceful and stated: “I’m single. I have no relationship with anyone. I’m alone now. I receive resumes, ha, ha, ha. Resumes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of James Rodríguez. What the gossip says is that I’m with someone. That’s not it. I’m single and happy heh, heh, heh.”

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