Italy | Two trains collided head-on at slow speed, 17 were slightly injured

Most of the injured only got bruises.

Italian in the northern section, two trains collided late Sunday. According to the rescue authorities, at least 17 people were injured in the collision between an express train and a commuter train on the section of track between Bologna and Rimini.

A representative of the state railway company Trenitalia told news agency AFP that the collision caused only minor injuries. Most of the injured had only received bruises.

The representative of Trenitalia stressed that the collision happened at a very low speed. In addition, he said that an investigation has been started into the incident.

Rescue personnel from the pictures published, you can see that the trains had collided head-on. Based on the pictures, the bow of the commuter train was still intact.

Italian Minister of Transport Matteo Salvini said that he was following the situation and also confirmed that the injuries caused by the collision were minor.

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At the end of August, five railway workers died after a train ran into them during a night maintenance operation between Milan and Turin.

The previous fatal accident on Italian railways occurred in 2020, when two train workers were killed and 31 passengers were injured after a train derailed before dawn near Lodi, south of Milan.

In January 2018, three people died and hundreds were injured when a crowded train derailed near Milan. The accident was blamed on poor track maintenance.

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