Italy | “Italy’s second most wanted mafioso” was returned to his homeland after almost 30 years on the run

Morabito, considered one of the world’s most influential drug dealers, has been on the run from the police since 1994.

Italian called the second most wanted and second most dangerous mobster Rocco Morabito has been returned to Italy on Wednesday to serve his 30-year prison sentence, reports Reuters and AP.

Morabito, considered one of the most influential drug dealers in the world, has been on the run from the police for almost 30 years. Morabito belongs to the famous ‘Ndrangheta criminal organization based in southern Italy.

Morabito has been wanted by Italian police since 1994 and was sentenced in absentia to 30 years in prison at a trial in Milan in 2001.

Morabito was apprehended in Brazil in May 2021, from where he was now extradited to Italy to serve his sentence.

Before the arrest in Brazil, Morabito had already been arrested once before, in Uruguay in 2017, but he managed to escape from prison there two years later.

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When Morabito was apprehended in Uruguay, he was living in a luxury villa and using a fake Brazilian passport.

According to the prosecutor, Morabito played a big role in smuggling cocaine between South America and Milan. From Milan, cocaine was smuggled on to the rest of Italy and the whole of Europe.

Italian the most wanted criminal is a mafioso Matteo Messina, who has been on the run from the police since 1993. Messina is believed to be the current supreme leader of Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia.

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