Italy “Florists” sold cocaine as a car lane service next to a cemetery in Rome

The investigation involved 22 people. According to police, the drugs brought the suspects a daily income of up to 20,000 euros.

In Rome police have investigated a special drug trade, according to the news agency AFP. The suspects claimed to be florists near Flaminio Cemetery. It is the largest cemetery in Italy.

Customers bought drugs mostly like when in a restaurant’s lane while doing business.

“Most customers approached the suspects in their cars pretending to be florists. After paying the required price, the customers received the agreed amount of drugs, ”the police say in a statement.

Investigation the pseudonym was “Operation Cleopatra,” and targeted 22 people. Half of them were placed under pre-trial detention and six under house arrest.

In addition, the investigation focused on three corrupt police officers suspected of being on the payrolls of drug traffickers.

According to the police, those involved in the drug trade are suspected, in addition to drug sales, of, for example, illegal possession of weapons and corruption.

Sellers hid drugs in, among other things, flower pots as well as bushes and flower beds near Flaminio Cemetery.

At night, vendors moved their operations to the outskirts of a nearby train station. Drugs were also sold in the butcher shop.

According to police, the suspects earned up to 20,000 euros a day in their drug stores.



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