Italy Dozens are being blamed for the collapse of the Genoa bridge

The heaviest charges are for the death penalty. There are a total of 59 defendants.

Italian prosecutors are indicting 59 people over the collapse of the Genoa bridge. Among the defendants is the management of Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi), a company that manages Italian motorways.

The heaviest charges are read on the death penalty. In 2018, 43 people died in Turma in northern Italy.

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The list of prosecutors includes Asp’s former CEO Giovanni Castellucci as well as the directors of the engineering firm Spea. Both companies belong to the Italian infrastructure group Atlantic, of which it is the main shareholder Benetton-family.

The charges are also read to officials from the Ministry of Transport.

Genoa prosecutors believe the defendants were aware of the risks to Morandi Bridge but neglected a thorough investigation of the condition of the bridge. The condition of the bridge piers had been examined from the ground with binoculars.

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The Benetton clan has been demanded to give up the maintenance of Italian motorways since the collapse of Genoa and has recently promised to return Asp to public ownership. Earlier in June, Atlantic announced that it would sell its 88 percent stake to its company’s state-guaranteed investment bank for € 9.3 billion.

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