Italy At least two died in medically caused floods in Sicily

Heavy rains have caused flooding of the streets as well as numerous power outages in Catania, among others. Hospitals have had to be evacuated.

26.10. 22:02

At least two people have died on the Italian island of Sicily as a result of a severe storm, according to Reuters and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

For three days now, a powerful storm has hit Catania, one of the most populous cities in Sicily. Heavy rains have flooded the streets and caused numerous power outages in Catania, among other things. Hospitals have had to be evacuated.

Storm for gravity, the mayor of Catania Salvo Pogliese announced on Tuesday In its Facebook postthat all Catania services and businesses will be temporarily closed, with the exception of essential services such as pharmacies. The schools closed as early as Monday.

“I ask everyone to stay home,” the mayor appealed in his publication.

According to the mayor, the region of Catania has received an amount of water equivalent to the rainfall of an entire year in 48 hours.

Authorities also warned on Tuesday that rains and floods could endanger both people and property in part of Sicily and Calabria, adjacent to Sicily.

Storm is Italian weather service according to a relatively rare Mediterranean hurricane or medican.

The medica is created when the sea is exceptionally warm, but at the same time cold air flows from the north. The storm gets its energy from the temperature difference.

According to the weather service, the sea water is currently eight degrees warmer than average. At the same time, cold air flows from the northeast to the Sicilian region. According to the weather service’s forecast, the worst storm is expected on Thursdays and Fridays.

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