Israel | The demonstrations continued against the government’s postponed law reform

It was estimated that there were two hundred thousand demonstrators in Tel Aviv. Smaller demonstrations were also organized in other Israeli cities.

of Israel In Tel Aviv, large demonstrations continued on Saturday against the government’s postponed law reform process.

The Israeli Channel 12 estimated the number of demonstrators in Tel Aviv on Saturday to be 165,000, says the English-language Times of Israel – online publication. Israeli Haaretz– magazine, the organizers of the demonstration estimate that 230,000 people will demonstrate in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening.

Smaller demonstrations were also organized in other Israeli cities on Saturday.

The Israeli Prime Minister has been opposed in the demonstrations that started in January Benjamin Netanyahu the reform of the legal system driven by the government, which would limit the power of the country’s supreme court and increase the power of politicians over the country’s judiciary.

According to those opposed to the reforms, carrying them through would be a threat to the country’s democracy.

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Netanyahu said on Monday that he would postpone the discussion of the controversial reform for a break. Netanyahu postponed the issue until the next session of the country’s parliament in about a month.

The president of the country Isaac Herzog launched the negotiations between the government and the opposition parties on the reform on Tuesday.

Many political commentators and opposition figures have been skeptical about the chances of success of the negotiations initiated by Herzog.

A week ago on Sunday, Netanyahu fired the country’s defense minister To Yoav Gallantwhich had called for the reforms to be postponed due to security threats posed by the protests.

However, Netanyahu has not given Gallant an official dismissal letter, so the defense minister has continued to carry out his duties.

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