Israel | Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s deadline for forming a government expires at midnight, and a solution is not yet visible

The Israeli parliament is strongly divided between supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Netanyahu. What makes it very difficult to form a government is that Netanyahu supporters won fewer seats in the last election.

In Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu the deadline for the formation of the board expires at midnight. The situation seems challenging, as a stable majority governing coalition would require highly dissenting parties to cooperate.

The political stalemate has been going on for a long time, with the March elections being Israel’s fourth in two years.

The formation of a majority government was considered almost impossible even after the most recent elections. Although Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party won the most seats in the 120-seat parliament, no party emerged as the clear winner.

Formation of a majority government coalition would require mediation between the leader of the right-wing party Yam, according to news agency AFP Naphtali Bennettin with, who is a former ally of Netanyahu, but the distance between the men has since cooled.

This however, it would not be enough for Netanyahu to get other dissenting parties to cooperate as well. The Israeli parliament is strongly divided between Netanyahu supporters and opponents. What makes it very difficult to form a government is that Netanyahu supporters got fewer seats, but on the other hand, his opponents are a very fragmented and variegated group that has little else in common.

Netanyahu said on Thursday he offered the prime minister a pest to Bennett if this would help keep the right in power, AFP says. However, Bennett replied that he never asked Netanyahu for a chance to be prime minister.

“I asked him to form a government, which he unfortunately is unable to do,” Bennett said, according to AFP.

An economist at a Hebrew university who spoke to AFP Gayil Talshirin Netanyahu’s attempt at Bennett was already doomed, as it would have required support from the Likud party; Gideon from the Islands. Saar, one of Netanyahu’s opponents, leads the New Hope party, which won six seats in the election.

Record-breaking Netanyahu, who has been in power for one year for 12 years, has at the same time faced charges of corruption. He is accused of abuse of power when he had sought to exchange services with media bosses in exchange for positive publicity.

In March, HS wrote that one of the secrets of Netanyahu’s long reign was that this has been good for forming alliances. It is therefore still possible that the situation will be resolved.

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Due to the awkward situation, Netanyahu has also put forward the idea of ​​a law change that would directly elect a prime minister in an election.

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