Israel | In Liberal Tel Aviv, even a wounded war veteran welcomes Arabs to lead Israel

Few have longed for the longevity of a mixed coalition that is ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s record term as Israeli prime minister.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city with a more liberal atmosphere than Jerusalem, and it is also heard in the speeches of the locals.

“The policy of this country is a bit like mixing cooking oil, water, garlic and chili,” Mikit Melech says her husband on a sunny Sabbath, a Jewish holiday Saturday Ehudin with a sunny beach in Tel Aviv.

“It’s good that the Arabs are involved in the government, because their income creates a positive vibration.”

Ehud (left) and Mikit Melech voted in the March election for Jair Lapid of the Central Yesh Atid Party, which last week negotiated to oust the eight-party coalition of incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Central Jesh Atid Party Jair Lapid agreed last week as a government negotiator for a coalition of eight smaller parties.

The governing coalition has parties from the right, the center and the left. For the first time, Ra’am, the Arab party representing the Palestinians in Israel, and its leader are present Mansur Abbas.

Leaders of eight parties in the governing coalition proposed for Israel, from top left clockwise: Jair Lapid (center-right Jesh Atid), Naftali Bennett (right-wing Jamina), Gideon Sa’ar (right-wing New Hope), Avigdor Lieberman (right-wing Israel Beitenu), Merav Michaöv (Social Democrat) , Mansur Abbas (Arab-Islamic Ra’am), Benny Gantz (Central Blue and White), Nitzan Horowitz (Social Democratic Meretz).

If the government is approved by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, Benjamin Netanyahu the record-breaking reign is coming to an end. Netanyahu has been the Prime Minister of Israel for a total of more than 16 years, including the last 12 consecutive years.

The Knesset is due to vote on the trust of the new government on Sunday. The last possible day is Monday. Behind the coalition are reportedly 61 MPs out of 120.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised his country’s health workers for fighting the coronavirus pandemic in Jerusalem last Sunday.

Palmun sitting on the lawn in Tel Aviv Amir Eshed, 77.

“I am voting right because I was involved as a paratrooper fighting in the 1973 jom kippur war. I still have a fragment in my hand, ”he says, introducing a thumb-sized bulge on the knuckle side.

The old resentments of Eshed are still buried a long time ago. He welcomes the Arabs to the government and points south from the shores of Tel Aviv.

“There’s the city of Jaffa, where a lot of Arabs live. I have many friends there. We need to be able to live together, ”he says.

In the new the right-wing Jamina party would first serve as prime minister in the government for two years Naphtali Bennett and then government negotiator Lapid, who would start as foreign minister.

Prime Minister-designate Bennett skillfully avoided allying with Netanyahu or the Lapid coalition that opposed him before the election, as he knew his party was invaluable support for Lapid.

Bennett served in many ministerial positions from 2013 to 2020, most recently as Secretary of Defense. Previously, Bennett was a soldier in the Israeli Special Forces, and he later prospered in his IT businesses. He has lived in the United States for a long time.

Palestinians do not believe Bennett’s election will advance peace talks, as he is seen as more right-wing than Netanyahu. Bennett has said he supports the expansion of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the annexation of the West Bank to Israel, even though the settlements are contrary to international law.

During government talks, Bennett has eased his talk about Arabs. Among other things, he regretted that he had previously called his future government partner Abbas a terrorist.

Lattice basking day at the beach with his father Shimonin with. Lattice does not tell her last name, as she is a government official.

“Lapid is too inexperienced, and Bennett is better at information technology than politics. I don’t think the government will be very long-lived, ”Hila says.

Hila believes Netanyahu’s long reign was based on good luck. He welcomes the fact that Netanyahu will have to answer charges of corruption in court. The trial began in the spring of 2020 and is still ongoing.

“Arab participation in government reflects reality,” Hila estimates.

Banana Beach in Tel Aviv was packed to the brim on Saturday.

Young couple Aviv and El sitting on the beach promenade. They don’t say their last names either.

“The most important thing we expect from the new government is security. Israel now has three ‘nationalities’, extremist Orthodox Jews and Muslims and secularized Jews and Muslims between them. The differences between these three groups need to be reduced, ”they say.

“Look at how many synagogues have been burned.”

Aviv and El also need changes in the economy.

“We think it’s wrong for ultra-Orthodox Jews not to pay taxes,” they say.

By this they mean primarily harediorthodox, who are often poor and living on social benefits. The main reason for poverty is that hared men tend to focus full time Tooran and the study of Jewish law, where women go to work and give birth to children.

Hareds make up about 13 percent of Israel’s population, and their numbers are growing twice as fast as the Israeli population on average.



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