Is Piqué coming to Colombia? His striking idea after controversial separation from Shakira


Pique and Shakira

Pique and Shakira.

Pique and Shakira.

The former Catalan player speaks for the first time about the country, after his break with the Barranquillera.

Gerard Piqué does not stop being news. The former Barcelona soccer player, retired more than six months ago, continues to appear in the media due to the striking details that have surrounded his separation from Shakira from Barranquilla.

The latest information pointing to the former Catalan defender has to do with the pronouncement of one of his friends about what would have happened to the Colombian singer.

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And, precisely, in the midst of the wave of reactions that this information has generated, Piqué chose to speak for the first time about the idea of ​​traveling to Colombia after the breakup.

The striking pronouncement: a coup of opinion on social networks.

(You can read: Piqué, surprised? This is how Clara Chía would look at Shakira’s age, according to IA).

Piqué talks about coming to Colombia

The Spaniard is not afraid to show his love with Clara Chía to the world.


Instagram: @3gerardpique / Twitch: kingsleague

From the United States, in the middle of a ‘break’ from his hectic schedule as head of the King’s League, Gerard Piqué reappeared in the middle of a ‘streaming’ with his tournament mates.

In the talk, recalling a recent controversy with the ‘streamer’ Juan Guarnizo, Piqué spoke of the possibility of returning to Colombia.

“A Christ is armed in Mexico that I cannot enter,” said the former player due to an apparent error.

Then he confirmed: “Or in Colombia…”.

Before the laughter of his friends, for obvious reasons, the Catalan pointed out: “Well… in Colombia I already have it”.

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(Towards Formula 1: Sebastián Montoya in Formula 3: ‘With my last name the responsibility is greater’).

The video of Piqué’s idea unleashes a wave of reactions and comments.

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