Ireland The Irish party Sinn Féin apologizes for the assassination of Prince Philip’s uncle

Louis Mounbatten was assassinated in 1979. This is the first time the leader of Sinn Féin has apologized for the murder.

Irishman Leader of the Sinn Féin party Mary Lou McDonald apologizes for the assassination of the late British Prince by the Irish Republican Army (IRA); Philipin uncle Louis Mountbatten. The news agency AFP reports this.

“I am of course sorry that it [salamurha] happened, of course it is heartbreaking. I’ll be happy to repeat this that weekend when your queen buried her beloved husband, ”McDonald said, referring to Saturday’s funeral, where Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99, was put to rest in the grave.

Louis Mountbatten was assassinated in 1979 by a bombing target on his pleasure boat in the Irish village of Mullaghmore. His 14-year-old grandson and two other people also died in the attack.

This is the first time the leader of the Republican Party in Ireland has apologized for the assassination. Among other things, McDonald’s predecessor Gerry Adamsin according to Mountbatten was a legitimate target in decades of violence between Republicans and Unionists.

In violence, also known as “the troubles,” killed an estimated 3,500 people. The violence did not end until 1998, when the parties signed the Good Friday Agreement.

Saturday in the Republic of Ireland Michael Martin warned of a deepening spiral of violence in Northern Ireland. Recent violence has led to, among other things, the effects of Britain’s secession from the EU on the position of Northern Ireland within the UK and the region’s economic difficulties, which have particularly affected young people.

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