Iran | UN arms embargo on Iran lifted – the country can once again buy and sell missiles and tanks, at least in theory

However, experts estimate that the lifting of the ban is unlikely to lead to widespread arms purchases in sanctioned Iran.

UN Iran’s arms embargo has been lifted in accordance with the agreement, according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry news agency AFP. The lifting of the export ban was agreed in connection with the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Qatari Al Jazeera According to the news channel, with the expiry of the ban, Iran will be able to buy and sell smaller weapons, missiles, helicopters and tanks, among other things.

The United States and Israel have opposed the end of the export ban. In mid-August, the United States lost a vote in the UN Security Council on the continuation of Iran’s arms embargo.

The arms embargo has been set to begin phasing out from Sunday. However, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that all restrictions on arms transfers and arms-related activities would have automatically ended.

“From today, the Islamic Republic (Iran) will be able to procure any necessary weapons and supplies from any source without any legal restrictions, based entirely on its own defense needs,” the ministry said in a news release posted on Twitter.

Among other things, the country’s foreign minister Javad Zarif shared the bulletin in its entirety On Twitter.

Arms embargo has had a US background Radio Free Europe (RFE / RL) valid for ten years.

In Iran, policymakers have already had time to play over the end of the export ban. However, the channel estimates that the lifting of the export ban is unlikely to lead to large-scale arms purchases and the celebration may be premature.

According to the RFE / RL, crushing economic sanctions from the United States, among others, have gnawed at Iran’s ability to enter the arms trade. In addition, analysts have estimated that Russia and China are likely to be reluctant to sell arms to Iran, even though the countries have opposed the U.S. pressure campaign.

Researcher at the IFSH, German Institute for Peace Studies and Security Policy Oliver Meierin According to the Commission, the lifting of the arms embargo will have a rather limited effect on the actual transfer of so-called traditional weapons between other countries and Iran.

“The majority of Iranian arms suppliers continue their restrictive arms export practices,” Meier told RFE / RL.

However, according to AFP news agency, in September Russia expressed its readiness to increase military cooperation with Iran. China is also said to have spoken of a willingness to sell arms to Iran after October 18th.

The U.S. administration has said it is working to prevent Iran from buying Chinese tanks or Russian anti-aircraft systems, according to AFP.

Export ban the expiration was agreed in a nuclear deal signed by Iran with five permanent members of the UN Security Council – Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States – and Germany in 2015.

The United States withdrew from the nuclear treaty in 2018 as president Donald Trumpin decision. Although the United States has abandoned the agreement, the Trump administration still considers the country a party to it. According to AFP, the administration has justified its ability to impose new sanctions on Iran for this reason.

In late September, the United States unilaterally declared that UN sanctions against Iran were in force again. Foreign Minister who reported on the matter Mike Pompeo threatened with consequences at the time if other UN member states did not implement sanctions.

Meier stressed to RFE / RL that the international community should work to restore unity within the Security Council. In addition, a consensus should be found in the Security Council on arms exports to Iran and other countries in the Middle East.

According to the researcher, it is also important to try to avoid that interpretations related to the situation after the expiry of the export ban would lead to escalation.

“This could happen, for example, if the U.S. blocks arms shipments that it thinks are illegal but others don’t,” Meier explained to the channel.


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