Iran | Iran’s new ultra-conservative president, Ebrahim Raisi, takes office in a difficult economic climate

The President is expected to improve the economic situation and revive the nuclear treaty.

Iran new president Ebrahim Raisi takes office on Tuesday.

Raisi, a 60-year-old extreme conservative, will replace the moderate in office Hasan Ruhanin.

Raisi won the June presidential election, as expected, after all notable opponents were excluded from the election. The turnout in the election remained low, below 50%.

The United States commented in June that Iranians were denied free and fair presidential elections.

Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony will be led by Iran’s religious leader Ali Khamenei. Raisi will take his presidential oath before Parliament on Thursday.

Rais, 60, has also been talked about as a possible successor to Khamenei. The religious leader is the main power in Iran.

Iran wrestles with the deep economic crisis exacerbated by US sanctions. Donald Trump during its presidency, the United States withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and reinstated severe sanctions against Iran.

The corona pandemic has added to the financial distress.

Economic problems are the biggest challenge for the new president, the researcher estimates Clement Therme the Italian European University Institute (EUI).

“His main goal will be to improve the economic situation by strengthening the country’s economic relations with neighboring countries,” Therme tells AFP news agency.

“The goal would be a business model that would protect Iran’s economic growth from U.S. policies and decisions.”

Therme believes that Rais’ top priority is to get rid of US sanctions.

Rais is also expected to revive an international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. The previous nuclear deal was signed during the Ruhan era.



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