Iran | Iran agreed to cooperate with the IAEA on monitoring nuclear facilities

The parties will agree on the details at the second meeting, which will be held in Tehran, the capital of Iran, according to the IAEA press release.

INTERNATIONAL The Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) and Iran have reached an agreement on cooperation in monitoring nuclear power plants, the news agencies Reuters and AFP report.

Among other things, Iran has agreed to reinstall monitoring equipment at several nuclear power plants, said the head of the IAEA Rafael Grossi on Saturday to the media. In addition, Iran agreed to speed up research on undeclared uranium particles.

Grossi was visiting Iran on Friday and Saturday. of the IAEA bulletin according to which Iran allows the organization to carry out appropriate inspection and control measures at the facilities.

Iran is meant to “provide access to information, places and people,” Grossi told the media, according to Reuters.

The parties will agree on the details in the second meeting, which will be held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, the release states. According to Gross, the follow-up meeting will take place “very, very soon”, according to Reuters.

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Last on Tuesday it was reported, that the IAEA is trying to get explanations from Iran for the findings that Iran has enriched uranium to 83.7%. Iran had approached the 90 percent level required to produce a nuclear weapon, based on particle observations from the Fordow uranium enrichment plant.

At the same time, the organization reported on the increase in storage quantities of uranium enriched up to 60 percent.

The expansion of Iran’s enrichment operations has worried the IAEA for years. Iran has denied that it is trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

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