Investments Kaleva: Nokia is planning a new office in Oulu for hundreds of millions of euros

The construction of Nokia’s new campus in Oulu, Linnanmaa, is awaiting the city council’s decision next week.

Mobile phone networks develops and manufactures Nokia to invest hundreds of millions of euros in new premises in Oulu, Kaleva Magazine said on saturday.

Nokia has about 2,500 employees in Oulu. Nokia, which has been operating in Rusko, Oulu until now, is planning new premises in Linnanmaa.

Nokia Director of the Oulu unit Erja Sankari told Kaleva that Nokia ‘s investment will in any case amount to hundreds of millions of euros.

The project is awaiting the zoning decision in Oulu. According to Kalevana, the matter will be discussed by the Oulu City Council next week.

It is not yet clear whether the buildings would become owned by Nokia, Kaleva says.

To the castle there are also plans for a Radio Park, where companies and entrepreneurs focusing on radio technology could gather in their own network.

“When we are a locomotive company in the region, we want to help others succeed as well. At the same time, we ourselves succeed in the competition, ”the Hero told Kaleva.



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