Investment In which shares would Finns invest now? In the midst of the crisis, medicines, food and security are of interest, according to a survey

Nordnet found out where Finns would invest if they now had EUR 5,000–10,000 to be used for listed shares.

If If a Finn has extra money and invests it in the Helsinki Stock Exchange, the shares of the elevator company Kone or the pharmaceutical company Orion will most likely go to the shopping cart now.

This is clear from a study commissioned by stockbroker Nordnet’s research company Yougov, which asked which shares the defendants would invest in if they had between € 5,000 and € 10,000 for equity investments.

In the answers, the elevator manufacturer Kone became the favorite, which would be bought by one in six, or 16 percent of the respondents.

Second was Orion, which would have been bought by 12 percent of respondents.

Almost as popular were the retail company Kesko, the fashion house Marimekko, the telecommunications company Elisa and the tool and design manufacturer Fiskars, each of whom would be bought by 11 per cent of Finns.

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One in ten would buy shares of the security company F-Secure, now With Secure, on the stock exchange.

Nordnet based on the results, interprets that as a result of the crisis year, Finns would like to buy familiar and safe companies.

“It is only natural that in the midst of the global crisis, we are looking for industries that are understandable and well-established – and can even grow in this situation,” Nordnet Country Manager Suvi Tuppurainen evaluates by email.

“The list highlights economic uncertainty and times of crisis: medicines, food and security are high.”

Marimekko and Fiskars were popular choices especially in women’s responses. 17 percent would buy Marimekko’s shares and 14 percent would buy Fiskars.

The men, on the other hand, would buy the oil refiner Neste, the network equipment manufacturer Nokia, the tire company Nokian Tires and the insurance group Sampo more eagerly than women.

Therefore, investing in Nokian Tires does not worry everyone, even though the company has a significant amount of business in Russia. According to the study, one in three people who already own Nokian Tires shares would buy the company now if there was extra money.

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Russia’s offensive war in Ukraine has led to boycott claims against many companies operating in the country. Sanctions against Russia also make it more difficult for many companies to do business.

According to Nordnet, the country risk in Russia is reflected in the thoughts of Finnish investors.

This is stronger in the case of Fortum, an energy company with significant business in Russia, than in Nokian Tires. Only one in six investors who own Fortum would buy it in the current situation.

Shares the purchase lists of those who own and those who do not own shares would differ somewhat from the study.

The most popular stock on both lists is Kone. After that, however, differences begin to come.

The second most popular purchase destination among shareholders would be the insurance company Sampo. On the other hand, Sampo will not be among the ten most popular buyers on the list of non-shareholders.

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Nor do those who do not own shares enthusiastically grab Nordea’s or Neste’s shares, which are popular among shareholders.

Instead, those who do not own shares would be interested in the shares of Fortum, Finnair and Terveystalo, which do not fit into the top 10 list of those who already own shares.

Of interest The list of purchase targets differs from which shares in Finnish companies are most owned by investors.

According to the survey, Kone, Orion, Kesko, Marimekko, Elisa and Fiskars are the most interested buyers.

Of the Finnish companies, Nordea, Nokia, Sampo, Fortum, Elisa and the forestry company UPM have the largest shareholders, says Euroclearin statistics.

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