Investing Young people think more carefully about the responsibility of investing than the older population

Investing can be a stimulus for young people to social issues.

Young people according to experts, think more responsibly about the effects of consumption and investment than older people. The placement of young people is also influenced by the internet and social media, where, for example, various influencers, podcasts and blogs have highlighted placement in the language of young people.

Chief Economist of the Savings Bank Henna Mikkonen according to which people express their own values ​​by consuming and consuming according to their own values ​​increases well-being. Young people in particular want to be responsible and direct their investments to a specific destination. Thus, investing can also act as a stimulus in social matters.

“One of the good things about investing is that we have a little different interest in the economy and society. If the money is stuck in the company, you are interested in why and where the companies are investing, ”Mikkonen explains.

Social the media has been instrumental in influencing young people’s interest in investing. According to Mikkonen, there is a discussion on social media about investing in young people’s own language. Traditional investment players such as banks have only just begun to become more involved in some.

Finnish influencers talking about investing and saving are important for investing in young people.

“New investor images are welcome, but they also create only one image of the investment. If my own someidols are topped with make-up and branded clothes on, there may be a message that to be the person I want, I have to have all the same things,” says Mikkonen.

The most important thing is that the placement is mirrored to suit the young person’s own life situation and interests.

Mikkonen emphasizes source criticality in evaluating information found on the Internet. There is a lot of misinformation and over-promising placement.

“It may be quite right information that this has happened to me – but even for this person, that one success out of a million may have happened. It’s not a very representative sample of what investing is usually.”

Before It is important to take into account the steps before investing, such as budgeting, as well as information about your own income and where your money goes.

In addition, Mikkonen emphasizes that it is good to have savings before entering the stock market.

“It can be in the account in case of a bad day, even if the washing machine breaks down. Things like that should be in order first before we start talking about long-term investment.”

Mikkonen hopes that everyone interested in investing will be in contact with someone who will tell you about the laws and basics of investing. This prevents bad experiences from investing and extremism from derailing the entire economy.

“Investing is not rocket science, but it would be good to understand certain basics. Decentralizing investments reduces risk, and realistic expectations allow for the best outcome,” Mikkonen adds.



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