Investing The University of Helsinki will receive EUR 50 million from the Mobidiag deal

The University of Helsinki owns eight percent of Mobidiag sold to the United States for a historically large amount.

Helsinki the university is receiving just over 53.4 million euros from the health technology company Mobidiag’s giant deal.

Finnish Mobidiag said on Thursday it had agreed to a sales contract, with an American Hologic will buy it for 668 million euros. In its press release, the University of Helsinki states that it owns eight percent of the company through its funds. The transaction is expected to close during July – September.

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Mobidiag’s transaction amount is exceptionally high for an unlisted Finnish company. The merger is Finland’s second largest acquisition of a growth company abroad after the gaming company Supercell.

Founded in 2000, Mobidiag develops and sells molecular diagnostics for testing, among other things, the coronavirus. The University of Helsinki made its first investment in Mobidiag in 2006.

Helsinki According to the university, Mobidiag is an excellent example of the university’s long-term investment in research-based startups. The university actively supports research innovations as well as research-based entrepreneurship and startup activities.

“It is gratifying that the results are also starting to show financial success,” says the Quaestor of the University of Helsinki. Marjo Berglund in the bulletin.

The University intends to use its income from Mobidiag for teaching and research in accordance with the principles of its investment activities.

The university’s investment activities have also supported the drug development company Nanoform, which was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange last year. The university’s funds are the company’s largest shareholder with an eight percent stake.

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