Investing The “fear factor” for investors dropped to its lowest since the beginning of the pandemic

The American investors’ biggest concern now seems to be inflation, not koronapandemia.

The United States the stock market VIX volatility index fell to its lowest level since the start of the interest rate pandemic on Tuesday.

The index, known as the fear factor for the market, fell 0.54 percent on Tuesday to 19.49 points. So the index was last down on February 21, 2020, before the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus situation a pandemic.

The interest rate pandemic caused a wave of stock sales, which resulted in the disappearance of a third of the value of the broad S&P 500 index in March. At that time, the VIX index was hovering at 85.47 points, almost as high as during the financial crisis.

VIX has declined steadily since March, but is still higher than the 2019 average. At the same time, the S&P 500 index has risen 80 percent from its March lows to a new record on Tuesday.

Investor sentiment has been boosted by expectations that the fiscal stimulus and the accelerating pace of vaccination will lead to an acceleration of the economic recovery in the United States.

Koronahuolien a sign of the dissipation of Bank of America’s Investment Manager monthly survey, the biggest concern now is inflation, not a pandemic.

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