Investing Have you started investing after a corona pandemic? The vaccine can affect investments radically

HS’s Youtube video discusses the connection between small investment and the coronary vaccine. The situation was analyzed by Tuomas Niskakangas, HS’s financial journalist.

According to statistics from the Finnish Central Securities Depository, the number of Finns who have invested in shares has increased to a record level this year, to almost 900,000 households.

November In the early 1990s, Pfizer in the U.S. and Biontech in Germany announced that the coronavirus vaccine they developed provides more than 90 percent protection against coronavirus disease in phase III trials.

The pharmaceutical company Moderna followed suit with immediate news. It was the first coronary vaccine for which the efficacy data from the final phase of human trials were published so widely.

The news was highly anticipated and it caused stock prices to rise sharply around the world. However, no one can say exactly when the vaccine will become widely available.

What the situation means for a small investor? And how will the vaccine affect the economy? What is happening in the stock market now?

In an expert interview, HS’s financial journalist Tuomas Niskakangas. Subscribe to HS’s Youtube channel and join the conversation.

You can watch the video on the player above or on Youtube. At the same time, subscribe to HS’s Youtube channel. The channel actively monitors and covers foreign news, economics and politics.


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