Intoxicants Subway stations now have “coaches” on duty to help drug users: provide help with access to dryness and distribute lunch packages

Shoutouts provide advice to those in need, especially on getting out of drugs, as well as small snack packs and hygiene products.

To metro stations On Wednesday, a group of “shout-outs”, ie trained project workers, set out to help them get out of drugs, for example.

This is a project designed to increase the sense of security and comfort around metro stations. If necessary, they can also be asked for information about various social and health services.

Exclamation Project Manager Mirka Haili says the first day has started off smoothly.

“There have been two work pairs walking around today and there were nine encounters during the morning. We have small lunch packages and hygiene products in the backpack, ”says Haili.

Exclamation Irti Huumeista ry and the Culture and Welfare Association Kukunori are responsible for the activities. According to Hail, the goal is to provide help, especially for drug users, but others can also seek advice.

“In particular, we encounter drug users at subway stations, and [asemien] people spending time in the vicinity. We want to increase understanding between people so that the stations are safe and comfortable for everyone, ”says Haili.

According to Hail, the training of the kouts was already in January – February, but due to the corona epidemic, the implementation was delayed until April.

In the spring, for example, you called the Irti on Drugs Association in a chat and organized daily coffee on Facebook.

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