Internet Crying face, pregnant man and troll – New emojis will color some conversations next year at the latest

Emojipedia announced the latest candidates for new mothers. Most of them are likely to end up in use.

About mothers has become an integral part of electronic communication and some citizens are able to engage in even whole, more or less meaningful conversations with the help of mothers.

In the same way that language evolves, so do emojis. The Unicode Consortium, which maintains the Unicode character set, annually publishes a number of new parent systems to meet the needs of a changing world.

Emojipedia site announced candidates for new official mothers last week. The Unicode Consortium will decide in September which candidates will have access to computers and phones from the end of the year. As usual, most of the published candidates have also ended up in production.

New emojis have typically arrived on phones in September-October, but this year the pandemic has postponed the emojis release schedule.

Last year 62 completely new mothers and 55 new gender and skin color options were introduced. This year’s parent group also emphasizes the diversity of skin colors and genders.

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For example, there are two mothers who describe a pregnant person. Of the two different characters, one has a mustache. There are five different skin color options for the characters in addition to the mother yellow. In the past, only pregnant women have been involved in mothers.

Other icons nominated as new mothers include a cry-retarding and digestible smiley, a mouth-biting mouth, coral, a lotus flower, an empty and full bird’s nest, beans, a slide, soap bubbles and a troll.

Surprisingly, the new mothers also include a rescue and car tire as well as a disco ball. These mundane objects would have been supposed to already be present in the mother world.

Also included as new mothers is the equal sign, which has previously been found through computer and cell phone keyboards.



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