Interim reports The telecom operator Dna increased its earnings, and the increase in data volumes during the Korona period is reflected in sales

Dna’s result turned to growth during the first quarter.

Telecom operator Dna’s the result increased in the first half of the year despite exceptional circumstances. The company will benefit from the increase in the amount of data during the Korona period. Dna’s operating profit increased by 7% during the first half of the year, from EUR 40 million to EUR 42 million.

The company’s business turned to three percent growth in the first quarter. Net sales rose to EUR 236 million, compared to EUR 230 million a year earlier. EBITDA increased by 14 percent to EUR 93 million.

Dna’s mobile revenue increased from EUR 138 million to EUR 140 million. The number of mobile network subscriptions and the number of prepaid subscriptions decreased, while the number of billing subscriptions increased. Fixed network subscriptions also increased.

CEO of Dna Jukka Leinonen says in a earnings release that a more than a year – long coronary pandemic has exploded the growth trend in data volumes.

“This is not just a Finnish phenomenon, as according to a report published in April by the international research company Tefficient, the volume of mobile data transfers increased by 38 percent worldwide in 2020. This report shows that Dna’s customers use the most mobile data per subscription in Europe, 34.8 gigabytes per month, ”says Leinonen.

Leinonen also says that interest in the 5g network will continue to grow.

“Sales of 5g subscriptions have continued briskly, and in March, two of the three devices in the top 15 list of Dna’s best-selling phones already had 5g phones.”

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