Inheritances It can now take up to 17 weeks to find out the spouse and relatives of the deceased, the reform completely confused the pack: “This is a really demanding system”

Obtaining official certificates is congested. Congestion is expected to continue until next year.

In the division of inheritance and the processing times for the genealogical certificates required in the transcript have been severely congested.

Due to congested processing times, for example, in Helsinki you have to wait 8 weeks for an official certificate, in Vantaa 11 weeks and in Turku 17 weeks. Applications received at the end of June have been processed in Espoo this week.

The certificate must be submitted within 12 weeks of death.

Congestion the background is the centralization of the issuance of service certificates in the fifteen central registries of the Church.

In the past, a certificate of service has had to be ordered separately from each parish where the deceased has been registered since the age of 15. The advantage of the reform is that the certificate is obtained centrally from one place.

The deceased’s spouse and heirs survive the certificate. Their preparation is the statutory task of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

The Orthodox Church also maintains information about its members. For example, information on non-church members is available from the Digital and Population Information Agency.

HS said in April that there have also been traffic jams at the Digital and Demographic Information Office.

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Church Board the registrar of parish registers Sanna Heickellin according to the staffing needs to be underestimated by the reform. He answered questions from Helsingin Sanomat by e-mail.

“When an order for an official certificate arrives, it is not possible to determine in advance how much working time it will take, but the matter will only become clear once the order for an official certificate has been taken over.”

According to Heickell, regional center registries have sought to relieve congestion by hiring new staff at an accelerating pace since the beginning of 2021.

Espoon Director of the Regional Center Register Sari Anetjärvi says that for the time being, recruitment will not shorten processing times. Four new employees have been hired in Espoo in August to process applications for certificate certificates. Two more will be recruited next week.

According to Anetjärvi, training a new employee takes 3-4 months. Employees must take a theory test and a practical demonstration test at the church board before they can begin processing genealogies.

According to Anetjärvi, it can take up to four days to process one genealogy order.

“1-2 days is just the usual processing time. Of course, some orders can be handled in a shorter time. In the worst case, dozens of different surveys have to be done, ”he says.

According to Anetjärvi, this is a “really demanding system”.

They have to dig up information from the system from the digitized church records of different congregations in different places and from different people. It is slow and precise interpretation work, ”says Anetjärvi.

“Our assumption is that we’re close to the point where the queues start to get shorter.”

Vantaa director of the regional center register of parishes Tuomo Kahenvirta says he has hired six new employees in Vantaa since March.

“The worst situation in terms of delivery times was at the end of August, when the queue was 17 weeks. Since then, we have been able to shorten the delivery time quite evenly by half a week, ”says Kahenvirta.

“If there are no surprises, we will have tolerable delivery times in February.”

Administrator of the Turku Regional Central Register Hanne Hieta says four new employees have been hired to process applications for certificates.

“The trained people will probably start taking certificates in mid-December, but of course it will take a long time to break the queue. Yes, it will go into the next half of the year before it gets easier. ”

Heickell in retrospect, it is easy to say that some things should have been done differently in the reform.

“Of course, preparations were made for the reform, preliminary calculations were made, information systems were tested and the project as a whole was piloted before its implementation, but the need for staff, among other things, could not be assessed with sufficient accuracy,” he says.

“However, the repairs have now been made, and results can be expected from them.”

According to Heickell, the goal is that within the next year, the target delivery times of 4 to 6 weeks will be reached in all regional center registers.

“A number of regional central registers are already in their infancy, and a few are close to target.”

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