Information technology Apotti received a grade from doctors only vitonen – Helsinki-based professional or citizen, tell us about your experience with the system

The first of Helsinki’s social and health services switched to the Apotti system in April. Let us know how you think it works.

Social– and Apotti, which is used in healthcare, has once again received strong criticism from professionals.

In the Medical Association’s study of patient information systems, it received an adequate school grade from doctors 5.

Other information systems widely used in Finland work satisfactorily, at least worth seven. Esko, who is in use in Oulu, was the only one to get close to what was commendable.

In addition to the Medical Association, the fourth study included researchers from Aalto University, the University of Oulu and the Department of Health and Welfare. The abbot was present for the first time. 4,684 doctors from all over Finland answered the questions.

The scores of almost all other systems have improved or remained unchanged compared to previous surveys.

The abbot got valid points for his technical stability. Instead, usability and smooth execution of routine tasks became unfortunate points.

Nor did Apotti receive flattering statements about how well it supports collaboration and information flow between physicians or between physician and patient.

Multi the defendant even felt that Apot’s malfunction had caused or had little cause of serious harm to the patient.

Apotti oy commented on the study on Thursday. In the release, the organization states that after the deployment phase, usability development is one of the most important issues.

According to the organization, Apotti is built specifically to improve patient safety, for example with regard to medicines. However, the organization recalls that learning a complex system takes time. Once learned, the work should be made easier.

Apotti has been used for a long time in the city of Vantaa and in the hospital districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa (Hus). In April, it was also introduced in the first services of the City of Helsinki.

We would like to now to hear specifically from the people of Helsinki how life with Apot has begun. What about its ordinary urban part, Maisa. How does the people of Helsinki think it works?

We collect responses from both professionals and others. The delivery does not cite defendants if the real name and contact information of the defendant is not known to the delivery. However, we do not publish anyone’s name without permission.

You can answer the survey below or by sending an e-mail to It is time to respond until Friday 11 June.



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