Inflation Helsinki-based Annemaria Laitinen is at the peak of her career and still has to borrow money from her mother – “Embarrassed”

Laitinen does not buy new clothes, does not go out to eat and has postponed a visit to the dentist and the purchase of new glasses. The HS counter shows how much inflation is eating up your income.

Helsinki Annemaria Laitinen moved with his daughter four years ago from an apartment building in Puotila to a terraced house in Vartiokylä. That’s when he thought that even if there wasn’t too much money left, he would survive the payments.

That is how he would have survived if prices had not risen, as has now happened.

Since last autumn, Laitinen has noticed that the salary of a special class teacher, which he received in the hands of about 3,000 euros, is being spent much faster than before. And not even enough until the next payday.

Mandatory after spending expenses such as repayments on former and current home loans, the consideration for his current home and car expenses, he has about € 1,000 a month left for food and other living expenses.

“I have considered it a pain limit to have 600 euros in my account. That’s when I start looking very closely at my shopping. A couple of times the limit has already been lowered and the salary has not been enough. ”

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Laitinen has had to humble himself and borrow money from his mother and his well-to-do little brother.

“Me, an adult woman. Embarassing. In addition to my mother and brother, I have borrowed money from my daughter’s savings account. Yes, I am going to pay everything back, so I will not accept them as donations. ”

According to HS’s price calculator, the rise in prices has increased Laitinen’s expenses by only about 37 euros. The small difference is explained by the fact that Laitinen has had to reduce his expenses considerably.

Laitinen has not bought new clothes or shoes for a long time, has moved on to see a dentist, buy new glasses, buy a new dishwasher to replace a broken one, and service the car. With the exception of Helsingin Sanomat, he has given up most of his newspaper subscriptions.

He rarely heats the sauna.

“I have reduced my coffee drinking because the price of a coffee package is hard. If there’s coffee left in the morning, I really don’t throw it in the sink. I will reheat it in the afternoon. ”

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In the grocery store, Laitinen is looking for discounted products marked with an orange tag.

Annemaria Laitinen has sometimes considered moving to Kotka, which is cheaper than Helsinki. Her teenage daughter does not want to move and Laitinen himself loves to live in his hometown of Helsinki.

Grown up expenses have also affected Laitinen’s leisure time.

“Before, I often went to have coffee or the outdoors with my daughter and acquaintances, not anymore.”

Travel abroad mother and 14-year-old daughter have had to forget.

“I jealously watch updates from others on holiday trips. I would like to offer my daughter the same as before. ”

Laitinen has always been a cultural enthusiast. He has joined the cultural buddy activities organized by the City of Helsinki. In that way, he has cheap access to cultural events when he offers himself as a cultural association of someone.

She has not yet had to compromise on her daughter’s clothes and hobbies. He will be the last to save. There are also three pet dogs in the family.

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Laitisen the condominium has an exterior pipe renovation and he is wondering how to cope with the renovation costs. He has also wondered whether the current home should still be abandoned and moved back to a cheaper apartment building.

Maybe he has considered moving to Kotka, which is cheaper than Helsinki, where his mother lives.

“My daughter has friends here and she doesn’t want to move. I also love Helsinki because I have lived here for so long. I wouldn’t want to change either. ”

The future and the continuing rise in prices are terrible for Lait. His salary is unlikely to rise much, even though the cost of living is rising.

“I’ve been at work for 27 years and can say I’m now at the top of my career as a specialty teacher.”

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