Infectious diseases The monkey pox virus seems to have found a new way of spreading it between humans, widespread spread unlikely

Cases have been reported in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Cases of monkeypox has been increasingly observed throughout Europe and the rest of the world, reports the World Health Organization.

There are more than a hundred confirmed cases worldwide, of which at least 80 are outside Africa. In addition, nearly 30 suspected cases of infection have been revealed, according to the WHO The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) by.

The epidemic is not known to have caused any deaths, but more than a dozen people have been hospitalized.

Africa the onset of an external epidemic is scheduled for a British patient who returned to Britain from Nigeria on 4 May. On Monday, 36 new cases of monkeypox were reported in England. A total of 56 infections have been confirmed in England, he says BBC. In addition, there is one confirmed case in Scotland.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson stated that the government is closely monitoring the development of the infection situation.

“It [apinarokko] is a very rare disease. So far, the consequences have not seemed very serious, but it is important that we monitor the situation, ”Johnson told reporters, according to Reuters.

In total, cases have been reported in at least 11 countries. Infections have been confirmed in Portugal and Spain, for example.

Outside Europe, monkeypox has been detected in countries such as Canada, the United States, Argentina and Israel.

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No monkeypox has been detected in Finland, but a case was detected in Sweden last Thursday. Denmark reported the first case on Monday, the news agency Reuters reports.

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Apinarokon the spread has previously been limited by the fact that it appears to be poorly transmitted from one person to another.

Although isolated human infections have been reported in Africa, in the 2003 epidemic in the United States, for example, no human-to-human transmission was known.

However, the current epidemic seems to be different. The assumption is that the virus will spread through close contact. One possible mode of transmission is body secretions such as saliva.

Now a significant proportion of those infected are men who have had sex with other men. However, it is unclear whether the virus is transmitted through sex or whether it is, for example, other close contacts.

However, based on preliminary sequencing, it would appear that the virus has not been transformed. The WHO also announced on Monday that there are no signs of the virus mutating.

It would seem therefore, the monkeypox virus has found a new way of spreading, says an expert from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Leif Lakoma.

“It’s probably just infected people who have had a lot of sex contacts through which the virus has spread.”

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Lakoma compares the situation with the hepatitis A epidemic in 2016–2017.

Even then, the virus, which had previously infected mainly through contaminated water and food, began to spread in the same way through sex. The decisive predisposing factor was the high number of sexual contacts. Infections were still found, especially in men who had sex with men.

However, the actual mechanism of infection was probably different from that of monkey pox. Infection with monkey pox appears to be particularly associated with close contact with skin lesions.

The channel of transmission was abundant sexual contact. Lakoma still wouldn’t want to call monkey pox a sexually transmitted disease.

“We don’t know yet if the disease is transmitted through sex. For example, it is not known whether a condom protects against the disease. ”

Tautia has now been detected or suspected in sixteen countries outside Africa.

Could the disease be spread by some unknown mechanism, such as through insects or contaminated food? Lakoma does not consider this likely.

“I would think that individual cases around the world only tell about globalization. People move and the disease goes with them. ”

According to Lakoma, the spread of monkey pox is also hampered by the fact that, according to current knowledge, the disease does not appear to have asymptomatic carriers in the same way as, for example, the coronavirus.

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“It is a smallpox disease in which, even in mild cases, visible blisters appear on the hands and face. The patient knows that he is ill. ”

It is also assumed that the disease becomes contagious only after the onset of symptoms. Thus, in order to become infected, one will probably have to be in close contact with a visibly ill person.

Lakoma does not believe the disease would spread rapidly or pose a wider threat.

“Currently, smallpox does not meet the criteria for a generalized disease. Diseases of general danger are of a highly contagious and dangerous nature. Monkey pox is not easily spread and is not usually dangerous to a healthy person. ”

European the ECDC said on Monday that it considered the widespread spread of smallpox in the population to be highly unlikely.

However, the virus is very likely to continue to spread in close contact, such as through sex among people who have more than one sexual partner, said the director of the ECDC Andrea Ammon in the bulletin.

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