Infections Infection tracking congested for a week in Helsinki – chief doctor calls for people to avoid close contact

The number of infections in Helsinki has increased weekly, so that the time taken for tracing has doubled.

When Helsinki’s coronavirus infections have risen sharply over the past week, and tracking has also become congested. Infection rates have increased so much per week that the time taken to track has doubled.

Chief Physician of Centralized Health Services Gustav Yard says that on Friday, infections could be traced in Helsinki in about two days. The goal would be for those exposed to be found on a daily basis when information about a positive result comes to trackers.

HS has also received observations from readers about individual significantly longer delays. Information on exposure may have arrived almost two weeks late.

Yard does not go on to predict in this situation how quickly the tracing will be made to rotate fast enough again.

The Helsinki metropolitan area has entered a spread phase. In Helsinki, the moving average of new daily infections for seven days was close to ninety on Friday, while the corresponding figure a week earlier was still less than sixty.

The change has also been very rapid in terms of traceability.

“We do our best. But now is the time for every citizen to think about their own actions. Now you have to limit close contacts with other people and even in small symptoms to apply for a test and otherwise stay at home, ”Piha reminds.

More professionals have been hired for tracing throughout the autumn. For example, students in the sote field are also admitted to take individual shifts, especially on weekends.

New In addition to recruitment, Helsinki has transferred trackers from health centers, study and school health care, oral health care and various group activities, and has asked for help from partners. For example, volunteers from the Helsinki Parish Association have come to the rescue.

Callers for infected people must have training in the field, just a quick course for tracing is not enough. This is because the need for treatment often has to be assessed during the call.

Only those exposed can be called by someone else, but the call will be forwarded to a health professional if the exposed person has any symptoms.

Helsinki has introduced a security form that allows people to record, for example, the contact details of their potentially exposed acquaintances for processing by the tracker.

The code required for the Coron Flasher will also be provided to the infected person at an earlier stage.

However, it is important that patients receive counseling over the phone directly from a professional. It is also about human rights.

“Imposition of isolation or quarantine are an infringement of fundamental human rights. We have to be absolutely sure that the situation is real, ”Piha explains.


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