Infections 99 coronary patients now in Hus hospitals – “It would seem that vaccine protection should”

The infections could break 20,000 infections in Uusimaa this week, which means hundreds of thousands of exposed people.

2.1. 16:16

Helsinki and the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) hospitals still do not show a large number of coronary patients when compared to the huge numbers of infections.

Director of Diagnostics Lasse Lehtonen says Hus hospitals have a total of 99 coronary patients on Sunday, 19 of whom are in intensive care.

In other words, the number of hospital stays has increased, but the pace is moderate.

“The number could go over a hundred, but this is less than feared. It would seem that vaccine protection should, ”says Lehtonen.

In other words, even two vaccines provide better protection against serious illness than the most pessimistic estimates.

According to information published on Friday, there were also 49 coronary patients in Helsinki City Hospitals.

Husin about a third of the coronavirus samples tested in the area still tested positive over the weekend. In Helsinki, the share was even higher on Friday, more than 40 percent.

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Lehtonen thinks that the share will remain roughly the same in the coming days. This is because the tests are performed as much as possible, at full capacity.

In Uusimaa, about 3,000 corona infections have been confirmed on Saturday, and Lehtonen estimates that Sunday’s figure will eventually be in the same range. From this it can be concluded that for the whole of this week, little or less than 20,000 infections will eventually be recorded in Uusimaa.

That means hundreds of thousands of exposed people. In addition, not nearly all symptomatic people apply for the test, as mildly symptomatic vaccinees are advised to take a home test and stay away from people.

“The amount is such that testing or tracing is not possible to cope with. So now you just have to hope that the vaccine protection will last, ”says Lehtonen.

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