Infection situation on Friday 120 new coronavirus infections detected in Finland – HS reports real-time data on epidemic and vaccination progress

HS’s updated graphics show the latest information on infections, hospitalizations and deaths both in Finland and around the world.

18.5. 11:43 | Updated 11:41

The latest information in brief

HEALTH and according to statistics from the National Institute for Welfare (THL), a total of 120 new coronavirus infections were reported in Finland on Saturday.

A total of 93,158 coronavirus infections have now been reported in Finland.

The highest number of infections occurred in Tampere (29 new infections) and Helsinki (19).

MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION The situation in Finland and the world can be found in the graphs below, which are usually updated once a day. Data on hospital care and deaths in Finland are usually updated on weekday afternoons.

Infection and death data for foreign countries are usually updated in the database during the night.

The data may also be updated retrospectively when new test results are completed or incorrect reports are corrected.

Vaccination situation in Finland

HS daily The updated graphics follow the progress of vaccinations across Finland.

Search the municipality for the desired municipality and you will see the exact vaccination figures for each age group.

The vaccination situation for each hospital district is shown in the following table.

The pace of vaccines arriving in Finland at the moment looks like this. The graphics are usually updated once a week on Monday afternoons.

Infection situation in Finland

The map below shows the phase of the epidemic by hospital district. The situation may vary within hospital districts and the classification of individual municipalities may differ from the classification of the whole area.

MENTIONED BELOW The graphics show what the current infection situation in Finland looks like according to the THL Infectious Diseases Register. Infections are recorded in the register on the day of sampling. As it usually takes 2 to 4 days for samples to be completed and recorded, the figures for the most recent days will still change.

Especially in the early stages of the epidemic, not all coronavirus suspects were tested, so the number of confirmed infections does not fully describe exactly how many infections have actually occurred.

Currently, the goal in Finland would be to test all symptomatic people.

From below from the graphics, you can see how the infection situation has changed by municipality or hospital district. You can choose from the menu which municipality or hospital district you are interested in.

The graph shows the incidence, ie the number of infections in relation to the population. To view the number of infections without scaling, press the Absolute Numbers button below the graphic.

EVERYTHING the infection situation currently looks like this. THL does not publish data on municipalities where there are no infections or less than five infections throughout the epidemic.

Sometimes the figures in the infectious disease registry are also corrected retrospectively.

According to THL, the age distribution of confirmed infections in Finland currently looks like this:

The development of the number of coronavirus tests performed in Finland on the basis of THL data can be seen in the graph below.

Those in hospital in Finland

The graphs below show the development of the number of people in hospital care in Finland.

Died in Finland

LATEST According to the data, the situation with regard to deaths in Finland looks like this:

Vaccinations worldwide

The graphics below show how much has been vaccinated so far in different countries.

Data for all countries is not updated daily. The table below the map shows when the data for each country has been updated.

Infections and Deaths in the World

The graph below shows how the daily rate of infections and deaths relative to population has evolved in different countries since early March.

Tap the country name to hide and add the curves back to view. You can also add the country you want to the graphics from the menu below the graphics.

From the menu below the graphic, you can also choose whether you want to view infections or deaths in proportion to the population or in absolute numbers.

From the set below, you can view the current infection situation and the number of deaths in Finland, Europe or the whole world by selecting the desired information from the top menu. The foreign data reported today will be updated in the database during the next night. In Finland, infection data are usually updated at noon and death data are usually updated on weekdays.

Correction 28.5. at 15.58: The figures for Irish coronary infection and death reported in the graphs have been too small between 15 May and 28 May. Due to a reporting issue, Ireland has been removed from the charts for the time being.



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