Industry Kemira’s share price will rise sharply due to the positive earnings warning

The company estimates that EBITDA was higher in July – December than in January – June.

Chemistry The company Kemira announces that its profitability, which measures profitability, has been better than previously estimated in July – December last year due to good demand and cost control.

The company estimates that its operating EBITDA was higher in July – December last year than in January – June, when it was EUR 214 million. Kemira also announces that last year’s full-year EBITDA will increase from the previous year, when it was EUR 410 million.

EBITDA refers to operating profit before depreciation, taxes and financial items. After more than two hours of a positive earnings warning, the company’s share price on the Helsinki Stock Exchange rose by ten per cent to EUR 14.3.

In October Kemira estimates that in July – December, EBITDA would have been lower than in January – June, but higher year-on-year than in 2019.

Kemira will publish its financial statements bulletin on Thursday, February 11. In connection with the financial statements, the company will publish its assessment of business development this year.


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