Industry Companies estimate that industrial investment will grow significantly this year

According to a survey by the Confederation of Finnish Industries, industrial investment will increase by nine per cent to 7.5 billion euros this year.

Industry investments are expected to grow by about nine percent this year compared to last year, according to a survey conducted by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). According to it, the total value of industrial investment this year would be 7.5 billion euros.

Last year, industrial investment fell by an estimated just over one per cent, even though the coronavirus pandemic severely weakened economic development.

“However, there are exceptional uncertainties surrounding the implementation of investment plans this year. If the coronavirus pandemic is not brought under control and society’s strict restrictive measures have to be continued well this year, companies will inevitably have to delay and re-evaluate their investment plans, ”says an expert from the Confederation of Finnish Industries. Terhi Heikkonen in the bulletin.

On Tuesday morning, OP published a survey of large Finnish companies, according to which the majority of large Finnish companies expect a long period of slow growth ahead.

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Fixed According to an EK survey, the value of investments is estimated at EUR 4.6 billion this year, which would be almost 14% more than last year.

According to the investment survey, the value of research and development expenditure this year would be around EUR 2.8 billion, which would mean an increase of 2% compared to last year. Investments in the energy industry are also expected to be moderate this year. Investments in the energy industry would increase by about 33 percent this year and would be worth about 2.2 billion euros.

Industry the investment rate is expected to grow to around 21% this year. According to the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the investment rate would be quite small in international comparison.

In terms of intended use, about 50 per cent of the investments planned for the current year are replacement investments and only about 24 per cent are investments to expand production capacity.

The Industrial Investment Survey conducted by the Confederation of Finnish Industries is part of the European Commission’s harmonized business intelligence system. The EU is partly funding the intelligence.

The survey, conducted in autumn 2020, was answered by about 220 companies that employed about 122,000 people in Finland. The figures in the survey have been raised to correspond to investments according to the national accounts.


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