India The earthquake destroyed dozens of homes on the west coast of India – 115 people killed and more than 100,000 evacuated due to monsoon rains

Heavy rains are forecast to continue in India for another weekend.

115 people n dead and 135,000 evacuated off the west coast of India due to floods caused by monsoon rains, reports AFP news agency.

In recent days, rescue personnel have searched dozens of flood victims in the states of Goa and Maharashtra.

In addition to heavy rains, several landslides have been observed in India. The worst of these happened in the village of Taliye, south of Mumbai, when a landslide destroyed dozens of homes in just a few minutes. Rescue workers tried for hours to search for people in the ruins of the village, but no survivors were found under the structures. The landslide killed 76 people.

Landslides have also blocked you, like the highway between Mumbai and Goa, he says BBC. Helicopters, divers and naval rescue teams have been sent to the floodplains.

Heavy rains have also caused flooding in many areas of southwestern Karnataka, killing three people. 900 people have been evacuated.

Floods and landslides are common during the Indian monsoon season. The monsoon season runs in the country every year from June to September.

Experts say climate change will make extreme rainfall more likely. Climate scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Roxy Koll told AFP that the recent floods have been “unprecedented but not unexpected.”

Heavy rains are forecast to continue for the rest of the weekend.



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