India Lightning strikes killed 27 people in India

During the monsoon season that runs from June to September, lightning strikes are quite common. In India, they can die up to thousands every year.

Lightning strikes have killed 27 people in India due to monsoon storms. In addition, four air passengers have been hospitalized due to strong turbulence. The cases were reported by the news agency AFP.

Authorities said thunderstorms hit West Bengal late Monday night. In part of the province lightning.

“Many of the 27 people who died in the province on Monday night were farmers who worked in the fields,” Minister of Disaster Management of West Bengal Javed Ahmed Khan said to AFP.

Storm also caught my eye a plane on its way from Mumbai to the capital of West Bengal, Calcutta. Eight of the passengers were hospitalized. According to the airport manager, all but one of them have already been repatriated.

Prime minister Narendra Modin according to the families of the victims as well as the injured receive financial support.

During the monsoon period from June to September, lightning strikes are quite common in India. For example, in 2019, nearly 3,000 people died in them, AFP says.



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